Our Services

Efficient planning and administration are key to complete a successful project. Opal SA construction have an experienced set of team that visits the project site designs a sustainable plan, safety measurements and all these services in business.

Concrete & Reinforcement

Reinforcement for concrete is provided by embedding deformed steel bars or welded wire fabric within freshly made concrete at the time of casting.

Repair & Maintenance

Opal SA Construction offers repair and maintenance services of best quality. Our services include resurfacing, sealing, removal, cutting and polishing.

Landscaping & Excavation

Our landscaping and excavation service includes process of digging out dirt, rock, sand, stumps and other materials in the ground using tools and heavy machinery.

fresh construction

We provide fresh construction services for various residential areas like doorways, car parks, floors, walls, house slabs, foundations and footpaths.

Variety of concrete

We use various type of concrete for our concreting projects like plain grey concrete, colored concrete and exposed aggregate concrete.

Support services

Opal SA provides construction support services like facilities management, operation and maintenance, plant and equipment hire and logistics.