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About US

OPALSA Construction is a general construction company based in Adelaide South Australia . We rely on a dynamic and experienced team to take care of all new construction, renovation or transformation projects. We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our clients. Therefore we involve them in the decision-making process during all phases of the project. 

Residential Construction Service

Why chose us?

Delivering quality work tops the list of our priorities for both to gain the trust of our client and to maintain our reputation. To achieve this we employ the needed equipment and experience to finalize a project that is durable. 


Efficient planning and administration are key to complete a successful project. We have an experienced set of team that visits the project site and designs a plan. During the formulation of the plan we engage our client to discuss the required material and duration of the project.

Realistic price!

We attach great importance to transparency during all phases of the project. Therefore, we give our client a realistic price without any hidden cost before starting the project which our client can compare and independently verify.

"Working experience with Opal SA Construction really turned me over the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge. They have skillful team and really know their job."
John Doe