Who We Are?

We provide all type of concrete services for domestic and commercial projects in addition to fencing, concrete retaining walls and landscaping.

About Us

We are a quality team, bringing the best to clients

We rely on a dynamic and experienced team to take care of all new construction, renovation or transformation projects.

We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our clients. Therefore we involve them in the decision making process during all phases of the project.

Delivering quality work tops the list of our priorities for both to gain the trust of our client and to maintain our reputation. To achieve this we employ the needed equipment and experience to finalize a project that is durable.

We prefers transparency during all phases of the project. Therefore, we give our client a realistic price without any hidden cost before starting the project which our client can compare and independently verify.

Our Mission

Efficient planning and administration are key to complete a successful project. As a leading concrete contractor in Adelaide, our construction services are unmatched in terms of quality and affordability.

Best quality

Taking care of quality measurements of construction material and machinery is our first priority.


We deal every project with integrity & professionalism, committing to doing what we agreed upon.


Our construction strategy is concerned with all aspects of the design that affect site or logistics of construction.


Safety is enforced by safety managers to ensure safe equipment usage, worker protection and risk assessments.


Construction industry provides jobs, wages, and keeps the income in the community.


Opal SA is about creating projects which have positive outcomes for society and the environment.